Canadian compassion club denied marijuana licence

In Dispensaries, Feature Stories by David Silverberg

A Canadian court has upheld a decision to deny a Sudbury, Ontario, compassion club a licence to grow and distribute medical marijuana.

Ryan McIlvenna, the owner of the Northern Ontario Compassion Club, tried twice to convince Health Canada to let his group become a licensed grower and distrubutor of medical marijuana. He was twice denied any such access, and appealed to a federal court.

Federal Court Justice Peter Annis supported the denial of McIlvenna’s request, as media reports write. “Annis noted that McIlvenna did not provide any valid reasons to receive an exemption under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, which govern access to medical marijuana.”

He also said McIlvenna and the Northern Ontario Compassion Club can resubmit their request to the minister of health, with more complete supporting evidence.

New medical marijuana regulations will be implemented Canada-wide on April 2014. Under the new regulations, Health Canada’s role will be limited to licensing marijuana providers.