Canadian doctor studying the science behind marijuana strains

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A British Columbian doctor is investigating the compounds that make up marijuana in the hope of creating strains best suited for patients, a new report from MediJean outlines.

Dr. Paul Hornby, a 62-year-old pathologist, has been studying cannabis for 15 years and in that time has profiled 15,000 different strains using high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), an extremely sensitive analytical instrument.

Over years of research, he has noticed something about all the strains he has tested, the profile explains.

“If I overlay all those 15,000 chromatograms, you see the same profile time and time again in terms of THC and CBD content,” says Dr. Hornby. “Very few people know this. Molecular geneticists figured it out probably back in the mid-‘90s with GC–mass spec, but I simply am going to confirm the understanding that the THC/CBD ratio only goes three different ways.”

Dr. Hornby dubs  this a three-way split. Some strains are very high in THC but low in CBD, others are the opposite, and still others are 50/50.

“That’s the sort of strain that has taken away the epileptic seizures in Kyla,” he says, referring to a young girl with epilepsy. “I wrote a patent application on the strain we call Hayley’s Comet, which is a 50/50 strain.”

For the full interview with Dr. Hornby, go here.

Photo courtesy Dr. Paul Hornby