Medical marijuana roadblock: Is Lydia's Law helping our kids?

Medical marijuana roadblock: Is Lydia’s Law helping our kids?

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A Wisconsin mother fought to make a special kind of medical marijuana legal to help her daughter’s seizures. And now she’s facing a harsh realization – the law on the books does nothing for Wisconsin families.   Lydia’s Law passed last April.  Parents of children suffering from severe seizure disorders celebrated, but almost a year later they still can’t get this strain of medical marijuana because of problems with the law.

Lydia Schaeffer was 7 years old when she passed away last May.  Less than one month later a Wisconsin bill became law.  A law that “on paper” would have given Lydia access to medical marijuana and possibly saved her life.   “This was one more chance to try and relieve her of her seizures,” mom Sally Schaeffer told us.  Lydia would seize more than 80 percent of her sleeping hours, something harsh prescription drugs couldn’t stop.  Sally found one last option to save her.  A strain of medical marijuana called “Charlotte’s Web,” or CBD.

It’s being used to treat children with seizure disorders in Colorado.  CBD is an oil extract low in THC meaning kids can’t get high, but CBD was illegal in Wisconsin.  So Sally fought to change the law and won. And then her daughter died.

The next big blow was finding out Lydia’s law does nothing.  “What frustrates me is our political system is stopping parents from having this additional option.” State Senator Van Wanggaard calls it a non-partisan issue.  He was just elected to Sally’s district; Lydia’s Law is one of his top priorities.  He says there are a number of reasons families can’t get the oil.  It’s still illegal to grow marijuana in Wisconsin.  And even if you buy the oil in a state like Colorado, you can’t bring […]

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