Eager To Imprison Medical Marijuana Users, Prosecutors 'Don't Want The Jury To Hear The Truth'

Prosecutors ‘Don’t Want The Jury To Hear The Truth’

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Bizarre legal circumstances and a stubborn justice system have boxed non-criminals into the prospect of 10-year jail sentences for simply following state rules in regards to cultivating and utilizing plant medicine for their own use. Perhaps their main transgression has been to be too transparent; the hallmark of honest people trying to do the right thing in their quest to find relief. This is a clear tragedy in the making, unless one of the jurors catches on to the legal maneuverings and takes a position. How is a random person’s instinct and perhaps “psychic powers” supposed to serve justice?

Imagine you are a juror in the federal trial of five people charged with growing and distributing marijuana in northeastern Washington. The prosecution cannot present any direct evidence that the defendants sold marijuana to anyone, and the defendants say they were growing all 74 plants for their own personal use. A bit of arithmetic reveals that the total number of plants comes to just under 15 per defendant, which happens to be the presumptive limit for patients under Washington’s medical marijuana law. Yet no one says anything about medical marijuana during the trial.

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