Was Big Pharma Behind Colorado's Rejection of Medical Marijuana for PTSD?

Was Big Pharma Behind Colorado’s Rejection of Medical Marijuana for PTSD?

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Thinkstock Washington’s voters legalized recreational marijuana the same day that Colorado’s did, but so far that state has been far behind Colorado in creating the infrastructure for the new industry. Far behind in most ways, that is: Last week the Colorado Board of Health again rejected adding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list of conditions for which medical marijuana can be prescribed, but Washington will be approving PTSD on July 24 . In making its decision, the Colorado board cited a lack of sufficient scientific evidence proving the plant’s effective treatment of PTSD — but Sue Sisley begs to differ. She’s the Arizona physician who’s been researching the effect of marijuana on veterans suffering from PTSD, and had been awarded a $2 million grant from Colorado for a study that’s gained the approval of the FDA — but that study continues to be on hold, since the fed-approved facility has not been able to produce the requested strains of cannabis. Sisley was in D.C. last month to testify about the obstacles to research, and she’ll be in Washington state this week talking about the work she’s been able to do with veterans groups, which shows that cannabis definitely helps those suffering from PTSD. Sue Sisley has been researching the effects of marijuana on vets suffering from PTSD. Phoenix New Times Sisley was also at the Colorado board’s hearing last week. “Overall, it was a heartbreaking day for these veterans/PTSD sufferers who came to testify,” Sisley says. “Even more painful because they entered the facility feeling highly optimistic…given that the majority of the revered Colorado Scientific Advisory Council had recommended adding PTSD. ” Even Colorado health department director Larry Wolk had suddenly changed his mind, she points out, agreeing to endorse the proposal. “Unfortunately, since we were only given two […]

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