Miami Beach Wants Ultrastrict Medical Pot Rules: "Odor Management," 21-and-Up Patients, and Visitor Logs

Miami Beach Wants Ultrastrict Medical Pot Rules: “Odor Management,” 21-and-Up Patients, and Visitor Logs

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Miami Beach’s moratorium on medical marijuana is officially coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a whole lot easier to open a dispensary in the city. A little more than a week after state legislators gave up on passing rules for medical marijuana, city commissioners are set to consider regulations of their own — and they’re among the strictest rules debated anywhere in the state. The city’s proposed ordinances, up for a first reading today, are even tighter than the onerous regulations debated in Tally. Commissioners will consider banning anyone under 21, requiring dispensaries to keep visitor logs and extensive surveillance cameras, and even imposing "odor maintenance plans" on the three dispensaries the city plans to allow in designated zones. "In this initial stage, as we’re learning, it’s a very, very disciplined sort of ordinance," says Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman, who sponsored the proposal. She says the city wants to set its own rules before the state preempts it. "I think if we get more experienced — and demand is going to increase over time — I’m sure it will change." For now, city officials are set to permit one dispensary each in South Beach, Mid-Beach, and North Beach. Under the drafted land-use and business tax receipt ordinances, dispensaries would have to comply with strict monitoring, including responding to emails or phone calls from city officials within 24 hours of being contacted and submitting to routine and sometimes random inspections. Each person who entered the area where the medical marijuana was sold would be added into a log that also documented their entrance and exit time and purpose for visiting. At all times while inside the facility, they would have to be escorted by an owner or manager, and either an owner or manager would need […]

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