The Medical Marijuana Review Rebrands as RISE Life Science

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We’re pleased to announce today that RISE Life Science will be taking over and running the Medical Marijuana Review. As part of this news, Medireview will be rebranded to carry RISE Life Science branding in its name.

Since 2013, we’ve been publishing news and information around medical cannabis. Over the intervening years, a lot has changed. Cannabis has grown in popularity and is now infused into a myriad of other products including cosmetics, energy drinks, creams and balms, bath salts, nasal sprays, eye drops and others.

The Medical Marijuana Review started with the mission of covering medical cannabis, so our name change coincides with us working with RISE Life Science and reflects a larger mandate to cover the broader cannabis space.

You can still expect all the same news and information from us, but we’ll be publishing under a new name. We’re in the process of updating our site (you’ll see a RISE logo as part of our name now) and we’ll post links to social media once complete.

Follow us on Twitter here. Facebook is coming soon.

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