What will Ohio's medical marijuana grow centers look like? Here's a preview

What will Ohio’s medical marijuana grow centers look like? Here’s a preview

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Jackie Borchardt, cleveland.com COLUMBUS, Ohio — State-sanctioned medical marijuana will soon be grown across Ohio, and the 25 companies awarded the first licenses are planning elaborate cultivation operations to securely and safely grow medical-grade cannabis. Ohio’s strict medical marijuana rules and regulations mean you won’t see fields of green bushy marijuana plants from the highway. And industry innovation means no two facilities will look the same. What might it look like in Ohio? I went to Illinois to see how PharmaCann does it. PharmaCann was issued a license to grow up to 25,000 square feet in Ohio . It plans to build a facility similar to this one in Buckeye Lake, east of Columbus. Jackie Borchardt, cleveland.com PharmaCann operates two grow centers in Illinois. Its north-central facility is literally in the middle of a cornfield, behind a farmhouse off a gravel road. The facility has no address. It can’t be found on Google maps or seen from the highway. The 20,000 square-foot building was painted a blue-gray to blend with the horizon, and there’s no logo or sign indicating what’s inside. PharmaCann plans to build its Ohio facility a little bit larger — 62,000 square feet with 24,000 square feet of growing space. PharmaCann has also applied for a product processor license but won’t find out for several weeks if it was awarded one of 40 available. Jackie Borchardt, cleveland.com There’s only one way to get to and from the building. Visitors must be buzzed into a small waiting area. Employees must scan their ID cards to enter every room outside of the front offices and conference room. Cameras monitor all areas in the building except for the restrooms and changing areas. Facility manager Scott Calgaro said they haven’t had any problems with marijuana being illegally diverted out of […]

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