Michigan residents wonder why anxiety isn't a condition for medical marijuana

Michigan residents wonder why anxiety isn’t a condition for medical marijuana

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FREMONT, Mich – Autism, Colitis and Parkinson’s Disease are among the 11 illnesses added to the list for qualifying conditions to get a Michigan medical marijuana card. Among the 11 denied? Anxiety, depression and brain injury. In a four to two vote by the review panel, both anxiety and depression were denied. Most members of the Medical Marijuana Review panel are licensed doctors who took into account public comments, research and their own expertise in casting their vote. 13 ON YOUR SIDE has received comments on Facebook from people who say they are shocked that those mental illnesses were not approved. Brandi Haywood takes several prescription meds. "I am on six, and I’m 25," Haywood said. She said she struggles with depression, anxiety and insomnia. "The opioid epidemic is huge, so why prescribe a 25-year-old something that’s just as addictive," Haywood said. Many on social media were debating whether anxiety, depression among the others considered, should have been approved. "Nausea and chronic pain are, but depression and anxiety isn’t, that seems silly to me," Haywood said. Facebook user Kristen writes, "PTSD involves depression, anxiety and panic. Why those three weren’t originally approved when PTSD was, I have no idea." User Jodi writes, "Why be denied? If it works for the condition…" Haywood also commented with, "That is ridiculous. You can be approved for nausea but not depression or anxiety?" "I’m not so mad at the state. As much as I just want them to acknowledge that for some people it does help," Haywood said. Doctors are acknowledging that, however some research indicates some types of marijuana may worsen anxiety. Dr. David Crocker, one of the two physicians who voted yes on including anxiety and depression said: "Yes marijuana can cause anxiety. I think if used properly and judiciously, it’s […]

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