How Missouri's vote on medical marijuana, minimum wage and more will affect you

How Missouri’s vote on medical marijuana, minimum wage and more will affect you

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What’s next for Missourians who want medical marijuana? Courtesy of There’s going to be a wait. Missouri is now among 33 states that have legalized medical marijuana, with 65 percent of voters on Tuesday passing a measure allowing those with qualifying medical conditions to buy the drug here. But you probably won’t get it before late 2019, at the earliest. People with cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, intractable migraines, HIV-AIDS, terminal illnesses and other chronic conditions can seek it. The amendment takes effect on Dec. 6, but lays out a months-long process for the state to approve licenses for marijuana sellers and identification cards for qualifying patients and caregivers. Within 180 days, which would be early June 2019, Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services must make public the application forms and instructions for both marijuana cultivation, testing and dispensary facilities and the patients who want to use the drug. By early July the department must begin accepting applications for identification cards, which must include certification from a physician. It’ll have no more than 30 days to issue a card or explain a denial. By early August, the department must begin accepting license applications. Applications must be approved or denied within 150 days of submission. An exact timeline isn’t clear for when dispensaries will be fully operational and qualifying patients will have cards that allow them to buy marijuana — but they won’t have clearance from the state to do either until the latter half of 2019. Patients will eventually also be able to grow as many as six of their own marijuana plants. The measure imposes a 4 percent tax on retail marijuana sales, which would go toward veterans’ health care. The state estimates it would generate $18 million in fees and sales tax each year. And because the […]

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