Missouri's medical marijuana amendment takes effect today. Here's what to expect.

Missouri’s medical marijuana amendment takes effect today. Here’s what to expect.

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Buy Photo Today is the first day medical marijuana is technically legal in Missouri. That doesn’t mean buds and edibles are on sale for patients who qualify. Not yet. Here’s what to expect a month after Amendment 2 got 65.54 percent of total votes cast in the Nov. 6 general election. The statewide figure is similar to the Greene County one: 63.2 percent of voters here said yes. The state of Missouri is now mandated to make medical marijuana happen. Under Article 12 of the state constitution , amendments "shall take effect" 30 days after the election. Two days after the election, Gov. Mike Parson said his administration would get to work. "The people of Missouri have voted to adopt Constitutional Amendment 2 , approving medical marijuana," Parson said in an emailed statement. More: Missouri will have 192 medical marijuana dispensaries by 2020, backers of Amendment 2 say "As governor, it is my job to ensure successful implementation of the people’s will. We will begin the very detailed process of implementing a process that makes medical marijuana available to qualified patients." Not long afterward, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services — the agency that’s now constitutionally required to implement medical marijuana on a strict timeline — posted a timeline that lays out milestones for Amendment 2. The upshot: Backers of Amendment 2 say that by 2020, there will be 192 licensed dispensaries , spread evenly among Missouri’s Congressional districts, selling prescription medical marijuana to those with a qualifying health condition. Here’s the quick and sticky, according to state government: Jan. 5, 2019: DHSS will begin accepting pre-filed application fees. Patient fee is $25 per year Cultivation fees: $10,000 initially, then $25,000 per year Infused-products fees: $6,000 initially, then $10,000 per year Dispensary fees: $6,000 initially, then $10,000 […]

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