The Medical Marijuana Review

Over the past two decades the use of marijuana (cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and hybrids thereof) as a therapeutic solution for a growing array of health disorders has broken down legal barriers, changed public perceptions, and now dominates the conversation in the medical and healthcare industry.

The rise of medical marijuana as a therapeutic tool for healthcare professionals and patients has also highlighted a long-standing gap in the clinical research and related knowledge about the efficacy of cannabis for a wide range of disorders.

Individuals using cannabis find ongoing, effective relief from both the symptoms of disease and in some cases the disease itself. On the other hand, medical professionals are looking at more than just anecdotal evidence. The opportunity to help close this gap and create better synergy between doctor and patient is clear.

The Medical Marijuana Review was created to provide a fact-based, non-partisan and objective source of information on cannabis medicine for a global audience looking to find reliable answers. Whether you are a medical doctor making decisions on prescribing medical cannabis for a patient, a patient or family member exploring care options for a loved one, or a policy maker in government trying to balance competing interests, our mission is to provide you with timely medical marijuana research, science and news from around the world.

Clarity. Analysis. Relevance. Meaning. These are the criteria we use to collect, disseminate and deliver information to our audience. Our vision is to help elevate the conversations around medical marijuana so all stakeholders can make informed decisions for the benefit of those millions who suffer and can be helped by this medicine.

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