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Girl needing medical cannabis leaving Texas immediately

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Alexis Bortell’s family decided they can’t wait any longer for Texas lawmakers to act on legalizing medical cannabis. They’re moving to a suburb of Denver next week. Alexis Bortell, 9 (Photo: Dean Bortell) DALLAS – Dean Bortell said he can no longer wait on lawmakers in Austin to act on legalizing medical cannabis for his 9-year-old daughter who suffers from …

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Parents plead for legalized medical marijuana in ND; attorney general opposes bill

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Tracy Vearrier, 37, of Bismarck, N.D., holds the hand of his 12-year-old daughter, Paige, as he speaks to reporters Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, at the state Capitol about his support for a bill that would legalize medicinal marijuana in North Dakota, which he hopes will alleviate the frequent seizures Paige experiences. “We do not ask for a medication to make …

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Shedding the Stigma at Toronto Sick Kids’ Hospital?

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The subject of marijuana is tricky enough as it is without introducing children into the mix, but it’s necessary because there are significant benefits to be had. Granted it’s anecdotal, but it is becoming more and more documented, and now even the American Association of Pediatrics is recommending to the Drug Enforcement Agency that cannabis should be removed from the highly …

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Medical Marijuana for Addiction is Gaining Traction

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The jury is still out about weather Medical Marijuana can be addictive, however when you compare the addictiveness of marijuana with alcohol, there doesn’t seem to be much of a comparison. A staggering 50% of alcoholics will relapse with in 6 months. Seemingly, medical marijuana can help ease cravings for alcohol, and one particularly famous person who has made such claims …

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Treating Pain With Medical Marijuana

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“Joints for Joints.” That was the title of a lighthearted yet science-based debate at the annual scientific meeting of the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals in 2011. The topic: whether medical marijuana – that is, the medicinal use of the cannabis plant – was a safe and effective arthritis treatment. Taking the “con” view, Stuart L. Silverman, …

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Study: Patients Get More Relief From Medical Marijuana Than Painkillers

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I always say that the best medicine is the medicine that works and is safer. That is almost always the case when it comes to medical marijuana compared to pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals almost always come with harmful side effects, and have led to a lot of death and misery across the globe. Sadly, marijuana opponents would rather have patients using those …

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Pediatricians on medical marijuana: not so fast

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CHICAGO — With virtually no hard proof that medical marijuana benefits sick children, and evidence that it may harm developing brains, the drug should only be used for severely ill kids who have no other treatment option, the nation’s most influential pediatricians group says in a new policy. Some parents insist that medical marijuana has cured their kids’ troublesome seizures …

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Epileptic Boy’s Parents Frustrated by Delays Plaguing Medical Marijuana Rollout

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World News Videos | ABC World News Andrea Seratti’s son Sam starts the day each morning by putting on a special helmet and medical bracelet to protect him in case he falls to the ground with a seizure. Sam, 9, was diagnosed with epilepsy last year and has suffered seizures that have not stopped despite multiple medications and even an …