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Teva Pharmaceuticals Thinks It’s High Time for Medical Marijuana

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Cannabis sativa Photo Credit: James St. John / ( ) Israeli Pharmaceutical company Teva appears to be moving into the medical marijuana market, and a pending acquisition could partially relieve the pain of its top drug, Copaxone, going off patent. Teva, according to a report by The Marker, has made an offer for One World Cannabis (OWC) to …

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LSU AgCenters Face Medical Marijuana Dilemma: Morality vs Money?

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Louisiana State University and the horticultural experts at Southern University AgCenters have seemingly been given a profitable proposition … and one that potentially jeopardizes their federal funding and monopolizes the entire cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis in the Bayou State. Thanks to legislation signed into law on June 29, 2015, the two Louisiana AgCenters have been awarded the right …

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Was Big Pharma Behind Colorado’s Rejection of Medical Marijuana for PTSD?

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Thinkstock Washington’s voters legalized recreational marijuana the same day that Colorado’s did, but so far that state has been far behind Colorado in creating the infrastructure for the new industry. Far behind in most ways, that is: Last week the Colorado Board of Health again rejected adding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list of conditions for which medical marijuana can …

5 Myths About Medical Marijuana

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At this point, marijuana is legal for medical use in nearly half of the country . But David Casarett, MD, author of the recently-released Stoned: A Doctor’s Case For Medical Marijuana , wants to clear a few things up. Initially skeptical of marijuana’s medicinal value, Dr. Casarett waded through the evidence, spoke to patients, and even tried the drug firsthand …

Are Time-Released Cannabis Pills the Future of Medical Marijuana?

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Wana Brands, an edibles manufacturing company based in Boulder, Colorado, has created a line of cannabis capsules they’ve dubbed “Wana Caps” that could be big for medical marijuana patients. The goal was to offer an alternative consumption method to patients other than smoking or consuming edibles . So what’s different about these capsules compared to other pill forms of concentrated …

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In Canada, Parents Vow To Give Their Sick Children Medical Marijuana — Even If Doctors Won’t

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For years, Sarah Wilkinson woke up every day wondering if it would be her daughter’s last. When she was a baby, Mia was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that caused her to suffer waves of intense seizures — sometimes up to 100 episodes in one day. To make matters worse, the dozens of pills Mia’s doctor had prescribed for …

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4 burning questions about medical marijuana

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Several factors affect how employers should handle legalized marijuana in the workplace. Photo: Brian Goodman/Shutterstock Many of us have laughed at movie scenes from cult classics like Half Baked , Pineapple Express , Dazed and Confused , or Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke in which the hapless stoner employee is depicted as someone who cannot perform even the simplest …