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Medical marijuana user wins daughter custody battle

In Children, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A Spokane County Superior Court judge decided to give custody of a 16-month-old toddler to her Washington father, a medical marijuana user who has been fighting to prove his medicine doesn’t interfere with his parenting duties. The judge said said the state can’t require Billy Fisher to take inpatient chemical dependency treatment as a condition of gaining custody of his young daughter. …

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Why the NFL is slowly embracing medical marijuana

In Feature Stories, Research Topics by Kay Mathews

NFL players want medical marijuana, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he’ll consider medical experts’ advice on the issue, and now Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters he supports athletes using medical marijuana. Will we soon see the NFL exempting medical marijuana from its drug ban policy? The buzz began when Howard Bryant, senior writer for and ESPN The …

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Everything you need to know about THC

In Feature Stories, Research Topics by Katrina Eschner

Tetrahydrocannabidiol, or THC, is both the primary psychoactive component in cannabis and the “cannabinoid”—or medically active ingredient—that has historically made up the largest percentage of such compounds in most marijuana strains. As debates about the value of marijuana as medicine in North America have unfolded over the past decade and a half, we’ve all heard THC mentioned. Medical marijuana scientists …

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Why MS patient Marcel Gignac needs 30 grams of medical marijuana every day

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis, Regulatory by Chris Riddell

In our ongoing series of patient stories, The Medical Marijuana Review interviews Nova Scotia resident Marcel Gignac about his painful condition and what brought him to value the medical efficacy of marijuana. Learn why the 51-year-old needs his 30 grams of medical marijuana every day in order to maintain a balanced quality of life. The way Marcel Gignac came to …

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Will Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee legalize medical marijuana?

In Regulatory, Top Stories by David Silverberg

The next U.S. states poised to legalize medical marijuana may be Georgia, Minnesota and Tennessee. Looking to be the favorite among the three, Minnesota will see medical marijuana bills in both the House and Senate when the Legislature convenes in February. HF 1818 allows an approved patient or the patient’s caregiver to posses 2.5 ounces of marijuana and 12 marijuana plants in an …

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How to talk to your kids about medical marijuana

In Children, Feature Stories by AdrienneB

Steven Stairs has no qualms about talking to his 11-year-old daughter and five-year-old son about his medical marijuana use. The Winnipeg resident has been legally growing his own medicine since 2009, with about 45 to 50 plants in his backyard. Stairs smokes daily to relieve stress, treat eye pain associated with glaucoma, and maintain his vision. He says he has …

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How marijuana can decrease alcohol’s effect on your liver

In Degenerative, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new study found a compound in marijuana may protect alcohol drinkers from liver disease. The compound cannabidiol (CBD) works to fight the build-up of fat caused by alcohol, also known as fatty liver disease. Published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the study came to its conclusion by injecting mice with ethanol twice a day for five days to replicate the impact …

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MS patient: ‘Marijuana takes the pain away’

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis by Chris Riddell

In our ongoing series of patient stories, The Medical Marijuana Review interviews Ontario resident Laurie Modderman about how she curbs the pain from multiple sclerosis with a nightly dose of medical marijuana. Confined to a wheelchair, 57-year-old Modderman has been using medical cannabis for 10 years and couldn’t picture living without it. In 1979, Laurie Modderman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. …