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Debunking the top HIV/AIDS-medical marijuana myths

In Feature Stories by TaraZ

People living with HIV/AIDS are not strangers to stigma. It’s been suggested that using medical marijuana would only increase the stigma they experience by also causing them to be seen as drug users. Medical marijuana users with HIV/AIDS have endured skepticism and been questioned on why they would need cannabis when “AIDS cocktails” and other treatments exist. And yet, studies …

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Massachusetts panel approves regulations for medical marijuana

In Regulatory, Top Stories by David Silverberg

On May 8, Massachusetts public health officials approved final regulations for the use of medical marijuana, effective on May 24. The first registered, nonprofit dispensary for medical marijuana could open in January, as reports. The new regulations now propel the licensure process for medical marijuana dispensaries, limits on how much marijuana a patient can generally use, and ways to ensure access to low-income patients. The …