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Study: Medical marijuana may prevent Alzheimer’s disease

In Alzheimer's, Top Stories by Dr. Tim Sandle, Ph.D.

Pioneering new research suggests that smoking marijuana before the onset of certain types of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can slow down the development of degenerative conditions. Taken at the right age and with sufficient frequency, smoking marijuana could prevent the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease from manifesting, to the degree that a person could die from old age before the …

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New research uncovers why marijuana stimulates appetite

In Research Topics, Top Stories by David Silverberg

If you ever wanted to know exactly why marijuana users get the “munchies” new research from France offers some answers. A new study published recently in Nature Neuroscience reports marijuana stimulates appetite because the plant’s properties allow users to smell and taste food more acutely. The research team from the University of Bordeaux has found that, in mice, THC is placed into receptors in the brain’s …

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Study: Marijuana could help treat Alzheimer’s disease

In Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new study found that marijuana might help treat Alzheimer’s disease by replenishing cannabinoid receptors. Testing on mice, researchers say they have evidence which shows that Alzheimer’s disease is worsened by a lack of cannabinoid receptors, indicating that the disease could be treated with marijuana. Many cannabinoids are found in marijuana, with THC being the most notable compound. The authors wrote in the …

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Study: Medical marijuana can minimize brain damage

In Feature Stories, Neurological, Research Updates and News by Dr. Tim Sandle, Ph.D.

A new study has revealed that medical marijuana includes qualities that could protect the brain from long-term damage after a traumatic injury. The protective effects come from the cannabinoid THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol), the major psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. This latest study implies that medical marijuana might one day help reduce the risk of brain damage after critical surgery. …