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Do American and Canadian prisoners have access to medical marijuana?

In Advocacy, Feature Stories by Kay Mathews

You’re sick and need your medicine. But when you are prosecuted for a crime and sent to prison, you don’t have access to the medicine that helps curb your pain and lets you sleep peacefully. Your pleading goes unheard; sickness continues to ravage your body. This scenario is familiar to any medical marijuana users incarcerated in North America. Medical marijuana-using …

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Doctors, insiders react to changes to Canada’s medical marijuana program

In Feature Stories, Regulatory by Chris Riddell

Major changes have come to the medical marijuana program in Canada as of April 1, and Canadians are voicing their opinions on what the new rules mean for patients. We spoke to a Canadian physician who shared his take on Health Canada’s new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), and let medical marijuana firms and Health Canada respond to his …

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Why MS patient Marcel Gignac needs 30 grams of medical marijuana every day

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis, Regulatory by Chris Riddell

In our ongoing series of patient stories, The Medical Marijuana Review interviews Nova Scotia resident Marcel Gignac about his painful condition and what brought him to value the medical efficacy of marijuana. Learn why the 51-year-old needs his 30 grams of medical marijuana every day in order to maintain a balanced quality of life. The way Marcel Gignac came to …

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MS patient: ‘Marijuana takes the pain away’

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis by Chris Riddell

In our ongoing series of patient stories, The Medical Marijuana Review interviews Ontario resident Laurie Modderman about how she curbs the pain from multiple sclerosis with a nightly dose of medical marijuana. Confined to a wheelchair, 57-year-old Modderman has been using medical cannabis for 10 years and couldn’t picture living without it. In 1979, Laurie Modderman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. …

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Vote in our poll on the medical marijuana-smoking Canadian Mountie Ronald Francis

In Feature Stories by David Silverberg

The New Brunswick Mountie at the heart of a recent debate on medical marijuana has been making headlines across the world. Cpl. Ron Francis was forced to turn over his uniform to his superiors after he was photographed and videotaped smoking marijuana in his official police uniform. The 21-year veteran of the RCMP has a prescription for medical marijuana to deal with the post-traumatic …

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Veteran Affairs Canada paying for 26 former soldiers to receive medical marijuana

In Top Stories by David Silverberg

Veteran Affairs Canada revealed recently 26 vets are getting support for participation in Health Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) program. Ten use it to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the Ottawa Citizen writes. This revelation came about in the Citizen’s profile of Ontario resident Chris Hillier, who said Veterans Affairs agreed to pay for his medical marijuana, as long as …

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How medical marijuana helps this diabetes sufferer

In Feature Stories by MichaelS

Tracy Curley is a Toronto-based medical marijuana patients advocate and has suffered from type 1 diabetic since the age of six. Tracy is legally authorized to consume cannabis to stimulate her appetite, regulate her blood sugars, and treat the pain associated with diabetes related neuropathy. She currently gets her medical marijuana from a designated grower who will no longer be able to supply …

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How medical marijuana helps MS sufferers

In Feature Stories by Dave Gordon

Marijuana’s health benefits extend to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but how exactly do these patients see their symptoms lessen with medical cannabis? Here, The Medical Marijuana Review shares stories from MS sufferers who couldn’t picture life without marijuana as medicine. Diagnosed with chronic progressive MS in 1992 at the age of 28, wheelchair-bound Alison Myrden says that no …