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Parents, politicians pushing for sick kids be treated with medical marijuana

In Advocacy, Children, Feature Stories by Dr. Tim Sandle, Ph.D.

Medical marijuana and sick children may seem like an likely fit; however, the treatment has been recommended for nine-month-old Kaitlyn Pogson of Toronto. Physicians have suggested a cannabis oil extract may help alleviate the extreme seizures that have afflicted Kaitlyn since birth. Her parents are taking notice. In an exclusive interview with The Medical Marijuana Review, Kaitlyn’s father, Barry Pogson, …

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Canada finalizes rules for medical marijuana; mail-order cannabis coming

In Regulatory, Top Stories by David Silverberg

The Harper government revealed new changes to medical marijuana regulations to be implemented April 2014. Pharmacies are no longer allowed to sell medical marijuana to licensed patients, and instead patients will have to receive their marijuana via mail order. In other versions of the regulations, pharmacies were asked to distribute the product just like other medications, but pharmacists said they …

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Global Report: Canada

In Feature Stories, Global by Chris Hogg

Long known for its budding British Columbian marijuana industry, Canada implemented its medicinal marijuana program in 2001, run by Health Canada. A year earlier, the Ontario Court of Appeal knocked down the marijuana possession section of federal anti-drug law, saying it violated Charter of Rights and Freedoms because no provision was made for medical users. The medicinal marijuana program in …