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Everything you need to know about CBC, the marijuana cannabinoid you never heard of

In Cannabinoids, Feature Stories by Katrina Eschner

The marijuana cannabinoid Cannabichromene (CBC) is a quiet presence in the scientific conversation about cannabis. But there’s a strong argument for understanding CBC better. The cannabinoid plays a major role in medical marijuana, and numerous clinical tests over the past 30 years suggest it has significant potential for treating illness. Except for newsmakers like THC or CBD, the cannabinoids that …

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Canadian doctor studying the science behind marijuana strains

In Feature Stories, Research Topics by David Silverberg

A British Columbian doctor is investigating the compounds that make up marijuana in the hope of creating strains best suited for patients, a new report from MediJean outlines. Dr. Paul Hornby, a 62-year-old pathologist, has been studying cannabis for 15 years and in that time has profiled 15,000 different strains using high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), an extremely sensitive analytical instrument. Over years …

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Canadian toddler needs cannabis oil to stop seizures

In Children, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A two-year-old girl in British Columbia suffers as many as 200 seizures daily, but when she is administered cannabis oil, she enjoys a seizure-free life. According to the Globe & Mail, the oil being used by Kyla Williams includes high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) the main ingredient in medical marijuana, and almost no psychoactive ingredients. Recently, the girl’s grandfather spoke publicly …

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Everything you need to know about THC

In Feature Stories, Research Topics by Katrina Eschner

Tetrahydrocannabidiol, or THC, is both the primary psychoactive component in cannabis and the “cannabinoid”—or medically active ingredient—that has historically made up the largest percentage of such compounds in most marijuana strains. As debates about the value of marijuana as medicine in North America have unfolded over the past decade and a half, we’ve all heard THC mentioned. Medical marijuana scientists …

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How marijuana can decrease alcohol’s effect on your liver

In Degenerative, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new study found a compound in marijuana may protect alcohol drinkers from liver disease. The compound cannabidiol (CBD) works to fight the build-up of fat caused by alcohol, also known as fatty liver disease. Published in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the study came to its conclusion by injecting mice with ethanol twice a day for five days to replicate the impact …

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How medical marijuana can help sick children

In Feature Stories by Matt DeLuca

Raising a child with a disease is a struggle for any parent, but when one California mother saw her autistic 9-year-old drop down to 42 pounds, she made a decision to try anything that might help him. Joey had been diagnosed with anorexia and malnutrition, conditions directly associated with the pharmaceuticals being used to treat his autism. Joey’s mother, Mieko …

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How marijuana can block cigarettes’ cancer risk

In Research Updates and News, Top Stories by David Silverberg

Chemicals in marijuana block activity of an enzyme linked with cancer caused by cigarette use, a new study revealed. Published recently in the national science journal J-STAGE, the study’s conclusion gave another bow in marijuana’s medical quiver, this time highlighting how cigarette smokers turning to marijuana could help protect themselves against lung cancer. The enzyme in marijuana’s crosshairs is CYP1A1, produced in …

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Marijuana may protect cancer patients from drug’s side effects

In Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new study revealed marijuana’s CBD cannabinoid could protect the heart from the side effects of the cancer drug  Doxil (generically known as doxorubicin). The study, published in the September issue of Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology,  found that when lab rats were given small doses of the CBD cannabinoid,  in conjunction with a standard doses of Doxil, there was no detectable heart issues associated with …