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How medical marijuana can help veterans suffering from PTSD

In Advocacy, PTSD, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new report found how medical marijuana can help combat the many symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. But how accessible is the medicine for those who need it most? A Israeli study tested the effects of THC (the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) on 10 patients with severe PTSD, as MediJean writes. They were given 5 mg of THC oil …

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Everything you need to know about CBC, the marijuana cannabinoid you never heard of

In Cannabinoids, Feature Stories by Katrina Eschner

The marijuana cannabinoid Cannabichromene (CBC) is a quiet presence in the scientific conversation about cannabis. But there’s a strong argument for understanding CBC better. The cannabinoid plays a major role in medical marijuana, and numerous clinical tests over the past 30 years suggest it has significant potential for treating illness. Except for newsmakers like THC or CBD, the cannabinoids that …

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Study: Medical marijuana compound can help treat breast cancer

In Cancer, Top Stories by Walter McDaniel

Recent findings published in the British Journal of Pharmacology have shown that treatment with CBD (cannabidiol) compounds found in marijuana may reduce the spread of breast cancer throughout the body by up to 75%. In all the studies mentioned in this article, the scientists used mice with different cancers and injected or otherwise gave them quantities of medical marijuana compounds. …

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Inside the health benefits of vaporizing your medical marijuana

In Feature Stories, Research Topics by David Silverberg

A growing number of medical marijuana patients are stiff-arming smoking their medicine in favor of vaporization, according to a report published by MediJean. Medical marijuana physicians and other cannabis professionals are  increasingly recommending vaporization, which refers to devices designed to vaporize the active ingredients in plant material. As MediJean explains: Vaporizing offers two different heating methods: conduction and convection. Conduction is …

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Canadian toddler needs cannabis oil to stop seizures

In Children, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A two-year-old girl in British Columbia suffers as many as 200 seizures daily, but when she is administered cannabis oil, she enjoys a seizure-free life. According to the Globe & Mail, the oil being used by Kyla Williams includes high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) the main ingredient in medical marijuana, and almost no psychoactive ingredients. Recently, the girl’s grandfather spoke publicly …

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Study: Marijuana could prevent heart disease

In Cardiac, Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new UK study found that marijuana compounds may relax blood vessels and thus be able to prevent heart disease in some patients. Published in the journal Pharmacological Research, the study looked at how cannabinoids – the most common compound in marijuana – can affect blood vessels by letting them relax and widen. It’s been documented that blood vessel relaxation can lower blood pressure …

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Why medical marijuana can work for your pets

In Feature Stories by KelliK

Humans aren’t the only species who can enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana. Find out how medical cannabis is helping sick dogs and cats, and giving hope to concerned pet owners who had nowhere else to turn. *    *    * Toronto’s Sam Mellace saw nothing wrong in giving his elderly border collie some marijuana-laced doggie biscuits. “I don’t …