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Study: Marijuana helps people cope with pain of loneliness

In Feature Stories, Mental Health by David Silverberg

A recent study found  marijuana use buffered people from the negative consequences associated with loneliness and social exclusion. The widespread appeal of marijuana may be credited to its health effects on not only the body but also the mind, researchers said. The University of Kentucky psychologists noted marijuana use softens the pain of exclusion. “Marijuana has been used to treat physical pain,” researchers …

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Study: Marijuana may lower risk of bladder cancer

In Cancer, Research Updates and News by David Silverberg

Smoking marijuana might lower a user’s risk for bladder cancer, a new study shows. Researchers at Kaiser Permanente in California found that patients who reported cannabis use were 45 percent less likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer than patients who did not smoke at all, a news report states. “It’s very exciting because bladder cancer is hard to treat,” …