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Why MS patient Marcel Gignac needs 30 grams of medical marijuana every day

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis, Regulatory by Chris Riddell

In our ongoing series of patient stories, The Medical Marijuana Review interviews Nova Scotia resident Marcel Gignac about his painful condition and what brought him to value the medical efficacy of marijuana. Learn why the 51-year-old needs his 30 grams of medical marijuana every day in order to maintain a balanced quality of life. The way Marcel Gignac came to …

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MS patient: ‘Marijuana takes the pain away’

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis by Chris Riddell

In our ongoing series of patient stories, The Medical Marijuana Review interviews Ontario resident Laurie Modderman about how she curbs the pain from multiple sclerosis with a nightly dose of medical marijuana. Confined to a wheelchair, 57-year-old Modderman has been using medical cannabis for 10 years and couldn’t picture living without it. In 1979, Laurie Modderman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. …

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Study: Marijuana’s cannabinoids can help treat MS

In Top Stories by David Silverberg

A new Israeli study found how specific marijuana compounds can reduce the inflammation of MS-like diseases in mice. The study, published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, concluded THC and CBD (two of the most common cannabinoids found in marijuana) reduced inflammation in the brains and spinal cords of the sick mice. “Inflammation is part of the body’s natural immune response, but in cases …

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How medical marijuana helps MS sufferers

In Feature Stories by Dave Gordon

Marijuana’s health benefits extend to people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but how exactly do these patients see their symptoms lessen with medical cannabis? Here, The Medical Marijuana Review shares stories from MS sufferers who couldn’t picture life without marijuana as medicine. Diagnosed with chronic progressive MS in 1992 at the age of 28, wheelchair-bound Alison Myrden says that no …

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Medical marijuana may soon be coming to Ireland

In Feature Stories by David Silverberg

Public sentiment in Ireland is pushing medical marijuana into the arena of social acceptance, and upcoming legislation may soon propel it to be a legalized form of medicine. It’s about time, according to health-care organizations. Multiple Sclerosis Ireland said people suffering with multiple sclerosis are “extremely frustrated and tired” of waiting for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, as this report states. …

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How marijuana fights multiple sclerosis symptoms

In Feature Stories, Multiple Sclerosis by David Silverberg

A U.S. study found smoked cannabis could be an effective treatment for spasticity, a disabling symptom of multiple sclerosis. This symptom of the neurological disease occurs when muscles in the legs or arms contract painfully, similar to pain caused by a “charley horse.” “We found that smoked cannabis was superior to placebo in reducing symptoms and pain in patients with treatment-resistant spasticity, or …

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Massachusetts panel approves regulations for medical marijuana

In Regulatory, Top Stories by David Silverberg

On May 8, Massachusetts public health officials approved final regulations for the use of medical marijuana, effective on May 24. The first registered, nonprofit dispensary for medical marijuana could open in January, as reports. The new regulations now propel the licensure process for medical marijuana dispensaries, limits on how much marijuana a patient can generally use, and ways to ensure access to low-income patients. The …

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Emerging Clinical Applications For Cannabis & Cannabinoids

In Feature Stories, Research Updates and News by Chris Hogg

A Review of the Recent Scientific Literature, 2000 — 2012 (This report appears on the NORML site – the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws – all content is presented here with permission of the NORML Foundation.) Humans have cultivated and consumed the flowering tops of the female cannabis plant, colloquially known as marijuana, since virtually the beginning of recorded history. …