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Do American and Canadian prisoners have access to medical marijuana?

In Advocacy, Feature Stories by Kay Mathews

You’re sick and need your medicine. But when you are prosecuted for a crime and sent to prison, you don’t have access to the medicine that helps curb your pain and lets you sleep peacefully. Your pleading goes unheard; sickness continues to ravage your body. This scenario is familiar to any medical marijuana users incarcerated in North America. Medical marijuana-using …

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Why daily marijuana users are as healthy as non-smokers

In Research Topics, Top Stories by David Silverberg

Daily marijuana users don’t have higher levels of health problems, emergency department visits or hospital stays than people who don’t smoke the plant, according to a new study in the Journal of Internal Medicine this month. The title of the paper sums up the study’s conclusion: No Detectable Association Between Frequency of Marijuana Use and Health or Healthcare Utilization Among Primary Care …

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How does medical marijuana affect a patient’s relationships?

In Community, Feature Stories by Matt DeLuca

As regions across the world continue to legalize the use of medical marijuana, many patients admit there are still considerable social and personal consequences of medical marijuana use. Relationships may be challenged or strained due to perceived legal, medical and ethical hazards of using a substance that has long been stigmatized as a harmful and addictive illicit drug. No matter …

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How medical marijuana can help treat diabetes

In Diabetes, Feature Stories by Brett Wilkins

We have long associated medical marijuana with benefiting sufferers of illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Now a new study concludes the plant can help diabetes patients, too. Research published in the American Journal of Medicine has linked regular marijuana use to lower insulin levels, smaller waistlines and higher “good” cholesterol levels. The find has inspired debate about …