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Inside the health benefits of vaporizing your medical marijuana

In Feature Stories, Research Topics by David Silverberg

A growing number of medical marijuana patients are stiff-arming smoking their medicine in favor of vaporization, according to a report published by MediJean. Medical marijuana physicians and other cannabis professionals are  increasingly recommending vaporization, which refers to devices designed to vaporize the active ingredients in plant material. As MediJean explains: Vaporizing offers two different heating methods: conduction and convection. Conduction is …

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How marijuana can block cigarettes’ cancer risk

In Research Updates and News, Top Stories by David Silverberg

Chemicals in marijuana block activity of an enzyme linked with cancer caused by cigarette use, a new study revealed. Published recently in the national science journal J-STAGE, the study’s conclusion gave another bow in marijuana’s medical quiver, this time highlighting how cigarette smokers turning to marijuana could help protect themselves against lung cancer. The enzyme in marijuana’s crosshairs is CYP1A1, produced in …

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Smoking marijuana might not cause lung cancer…and could even fight it

In Cancer, Feature Stories, Research Updates and News by Dr. Tim Sandle, Ph.D.

A new research study indicates that smoking marijuana in low or medium quantities is unlikely to cause lung cancer. This means that medical cannabis smoking is probably considerably safer than puffing away at tobacco. The finding comes from a new study conducted by Professor Donald P. Tashkin, emeritus professor of medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. Professor Tashkin, …